Suction Pressure

When the unit is running well, the low side and high side pressures 1/4 Charging Hoses will be as follows:

  • Pressure will normally be in the range of 40 to 100 pounds on an r-22 system. Whether this is correct or incorrect can only be determined by the measurements of the Superheat and comparison of it to conditions of the indoor air (conditioned space) and the outside air (ambient).

If the indoor temperature 1/4″ standard colored hose at the time of measurements is above the 80 deg. F. then the superheat will be HIGHER. If the temperature indoors is below the 80°F. then the superheat will be LOWER. A 70°F. indoor with a 100°F. outside may be as low as 1 to 3°F superheat, for example. Additionally, you probably will not be measuring the wet bulb temperature and knowing the moisture level anyway. Use good judgment here and hope for the best guess multi-purpose charging set for A/C system. You won’t be too far off if you are using this superheat information. That is our aim.

If your system uses the thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) device versus the capillary tubes, then you have less difficulty determining the superheat, because they usually will be automatic in nature and will maintain a very consistent 5 to 15°F. superheat. Only when they are failing or other things like dirty evaporator coils or reduced airflow over the cooling coils exist do they allow incorrect or out-of-scale readings.


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What do you think? Should I rent a truck and haul them to the local recycling center or call someone 11.5 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump to just take them away as scrap for them to get the scrap $$$???

walk-in freezer freon 22 recovery

Here locally scrap steel is 7 cents per pound. The compressor is worth 20 cents a lb, copper is $2.60 lb for #1 and $2.30 lb for #2 and aluminum is 65 cent a lb, electric motors are 20 cents a lb. Stainless steel is 85 cents a lb R410a Manifolds Gauge. As you break it down open the freezer section and rip out the plastic wall in the back you will find a small fan and motor and a aluminum rad. pull the wires also and strip the cover off the wires. The compressor motor and more copper will be underneath. all told the regular fridge is worth roughly $20-$25 broke down here locally and the stainless steel one is worth roughly $80. When you break it down R134a Manifolds Gauge you will need the remove the inner panel and insulation from the stainless steel panels to get paid clean price otherwise they will pay you what is called breakage price which is 20 cents per lb. Total is $100 to $105 for the 2 fridges here at our local price.


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R410a gauge vacuum pump

R410a gauge/manifold fittings – forums R410a gauge/manifold fittings Vacuum Pumps Sale Air Conditioning. Ah, that’s OK then! I’ll put my pressure testing gear, OFN bottles and Vacuum pump on ebay then! Buy it Now – : Sports Linkup Shop : Ref: REFRIGERANT MANIFOLD GAUGE SET+5ft HOSES:R410A-R22 -404A. $54.95. Refrigerant Freon Scale Pocket Ref: Add-A-GAUGE Vacuum Pump Gauge with Adapters Manifold Gauge Set for R410A, R22, R407C With 5ft Hose Set … Vacuum Pump Manifolds · Pressure Gauges · Hoses · Refrigerant Hose · Vacuum Hose …. Compatibility: R410A, R22, R407C * Metal Handles Includes: Asada Co., Ltd/Refrigeration A/C tool/Manifold kit gauge TOP>Refrigeration air-conditioning tool:Manifold kit gauge>Manifold gauge for R410A Access control valve for R410A, cylinder adapter for R410A, vacuum pump R410A 5/16-1/4SAE Vacuum Pump & Gauge Adaptor # RF215 (eBay item … R410A 5/16-1/4SAE Two Stage Vacuump Pumps & Gauge Adaptor # RF215 Allows R12/R22 hoses to be used with R410A gauges or vacuum pump. Female 5/16SAE inlet to Male HVAC Professional Tools 3, R410A GM410 Manifold Gauge Set w/ 5′ High Pressure Hoses 5/16 [GM410], $117.77 $74.77 KitMax:Vacuum Pump VPD5+Manifold GMad+Leak Detector HLD9 HVAC & R Test Equipment – R410a Manifold Gauge Set High Quality R410a Manifold Gauge set with bonus 1.5m yellow hose (additional to and shut-off valve plus 1/4″ sae coupling for connection to vacuum pump HVAC/R Products – YELLOW JACKET Quick Links –>, BULLET 7 CFM Vacuum Pump (NEW!) Refrigeration System Analyzer, RecoverX Recovery 46001, Manifold only, liquid gauges, bar/psi, R-410A

r410a gauge Rotary Vane Vacuump Pumps
R410A GUIDE File smart shopper uninstall Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTMLsuitable for R410A systems? Gauges, Gauge Manifolds and. Charging Hoses …. VacuMaster 5 CFM Vacuum Pump bt. Robinair. 115 volt, timberhawk backpacks 2-stage design. Product Search – JB Industries, Inc. corporal punishment slipper cane -134a, and r-404a refrigerant gauges compound gauge: 30″ vacuum to 0 psi, retard to melia caribe tropical and money 350 psi pressure gauge: 0 to 500 psi r-22, r-404a, and r-410a vacuum platinumtm pumps eliminatortm pumpstaylor made ht wedge vacuum pump accessories manifolds digital


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Airbrush Compressors

Finding the Air Brush Compressors you need is easy as long as you know the requirements for your projects.

There is absolutely no sense in going for a type of compressor that does not provide you with the ideal air flow and the perfect air pressure.

As long as the airbrush compressor you have chosen makes available the right functions you require, you are certainly picking out a wise purchase.

More About Air Compressor Sale

You have to be prepared to pay a higher price for top-performing air brush compressors that maintain quietness even as it functions optimally.

However, paying more for better quality is always expected, and the compressor is no exception, especially when you want the Potable Air Compressors paint to flow smoothly from your gun.


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Atelier Shoes Announces the Lisa Shoe—Custom Designed for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and  ugg boots sale is kicking it off with a specially designed shoe for a very special person.  Kate Friedman, creator of the custom design shoe company, was a corporate attorney with a high heel addiction and a dream.  Three years later, Atelier Shoes is going strong but, like many entrepreneurs have experienced, the early years can be scary and filled with self-doubt, offset only by the support of those closest to them. When she needed support, Kate turned to her best friend Lisa, who had a lot  to deal with herself–she was in her early thirties, a mother of three little boys, and in the fight of her life against breast cancer.  A fight she lost just a few months ago.


“There were days that I felt I must be crazy for doing what I was doing. I’d call Lisa and lay out my list of woes. She’d listen and tell me to keep after it. Her ability to do that, to listen and support me so unselfishly, when she had so much of her own going on…she was just amazing,” Kate said.

After Lisa lost her battle with breast cancer, Kate spent a lot of time thinking about how to honor her life and continue her fight against breast cancer. “I wanted to do something to make her proud of me,and to tell her story,” Kate said.  ”So I decided to design a shoe for her. I wanted something feminine and comfortable—a shoe that women could wear without complaint because that was Lisa—she never complained about her situation.”

The Lisa shoe is a wedge made in soft camel leather with a pink ribbon stitched on to the heel and double padding in the footbed for additional comfort—the key component.  The Lisa shoe is now available for $85.00 at – simply click here- and fifty percent of the profits from every sale are donated to  bailey button sale .

Kate and Lisa’s sister, Stephanie, are actively spreading the word.“We both needed a positive outlet for our emotions after Lisa passed. Telling Lisa’s story through this pair of shoes, well, we’re proud of it and we know she would be too. It’s a beautiful shoe ugg classic tall boots sale designed with a beautiful person in mind.”

Support the fight against breast cancer TODAY and buy the Lisa shoe here.


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